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In the year 2053, humanity suffered a plague unlike any which had before been seen. Dubbed Reynold’s Syndrome, the plague spread at an alarming rate. It is speculated that within the first month, the disease had spread from its epicenter in rural China, to locations as far away as Moscow, London, and even New York City. By the time the first quarantines were ordered, it was to late. The disease had become uncontainable.

Within six months of the initial outbreak, over fifty percent of the worlds population had become infected. The medical community desperately tried to discover a cure or even a vaccine to save the remainder of the population. All attempts ended in failure.

In a desperate attempt to save the human species, many governments and corporations across the world hastily built what would soon become known as Vaults. The Vaults that were created by governments were primarily designed to house their government officials and their families. Very few countries ever created Vaults to safe their normal citizens. That is were the corporate Vaults stepped in.The corporate Vaults roosters quickly filled with the rich and famous, leaving those without money, or some service that they could provide the corporation, out in the cold.

Following the sealing of the Vaults, the world feel into anarchy. Rioting and looting became commonplace. Soon gangs took ever the major cities. In the year 2055, all communication with the outside world ended, leaving the Vaults stranded, both from the outside world and with each other.

The Vaults were never designed to be opened. It was believed that humanity’s best chance to survive the plague was to go underground and try to survive in small communities there. The only information available to the Vault dwellers is that which predates the sealing of the Vaults.

Main Page

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